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"Never been a time" has brought strength and hope to thousands.

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I pray that this song encourages and strengthens you.

I wrote the song, "Never Been a Time" while I was facing one of the most painful seasons in my life. I had just gotten married, and what should have been a season of celebration turned into a season of pain.

Within a month of my marriage, my parents divorced, my mom remarried, and my father relapsed.

My family falling apart devastated me. The pain was too much to bear.

I was mad at God.

Why did He allow this deep pain? Didn't he love me?

During a worship meeting, I was struggling through my grief, wrestling with God. Hopelessness overwhelmed me.

In the middle of my agony, the Lord began to remind me of His faithfulness. His smile began to breakthrough the clouds of despair.

An anthem erupted out of my heart.

"There's never been a time when you've ever failed me! There's never been a time when you've let me down!"

Before I knew it the entire room was declaring this anthem from the depths of their soul.

This anthem of God's faithfulness has help me through one of the most painful struggles of my life.

I'm gifting this song to you because I hope it can help you make it through what ever hardship, pain, or sorrow you may be facing today.

God will never leave or forsake you.

I pray this song brings you encouragement today,

--Rachael Skrobot

P.s. Remember, download this song and never forget that He never fails.

My gift to you . . .

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